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Rigatoni Pesto with Chicken

A pasta special with grilled chicken on top.
Super Nachos
Your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or steak.
(w/steak add 50¢) Served with beans, cheese, jalapeños,
onions, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.
Regular Nachos
Served with beans, cheese, jalapeños, onions, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.
Beans & Cheese Dip
Combo Appetizer
Combination nachos, quesadilla and chimichangitas
served on one plate with guacamole and sour cream.
Six mini chicken chimichangitas (deep fried burritos)
Six mini chicken chimichangitas (deep fried burritos)
served with lettuce, guacamole, cheese and salsa.
Quesadilla Chicken
Quesadilla Steak
Quesadilla Cheese
Salads and Soup
Green Salad
Fresh lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado slices with Ranch dressing.
Taco Salad
A bowl shaped flour tortilla shell filled with rice, beans, cheese and lettuce, topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Choice of ground or chredded beef or chicken.
Seafood Tostada
Crispy flour tortilla bowl filled with lettuce, baby shrimp, real crab meat, avocado, cheese and tomatoes. Topped with Ranch dressing.
Tortilla Soup (Bowl or Cup)
Bacon Burger
Lean ground beef patty topped with jack cheese and guacamole on a French roll. French fries and jalapeños served on the side.
Regular Burger
Lean ground beef serves on a hamburger bun, with French fires on the side (cheese add 50¢).
*Some items contain peanut products. Ask management for more information.
Super Burritos
Tonayan Burrito Grande
The best tonayan burrito wrapped in one giant flour tortilla with rice, beans and cheese. Your choice of ground / shredded beef, chicken, or carnitas. Chile Verde or chorizo inside, then we top it with guacamole, onions, tomatoes, cheese and sauce. Served with cole slaw. (w/steak add $1)
Vegetarian Burrito
With whole beans, mushrooms, green onions, potatoes, carrots,rice and jack cheese, topped with onions, tomatoes, guacamole and sauce.
Burrito Chile Relleño
Cheese, chile relleño, refried beans, rice, guacomole and sour cream all wrapped inside a giant flour tortilla, topped with our special chile relleño sauce.
Shrimp Burrito
Sautéed with butter, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and spicy sauce. Served with sour cream and guacomoe on the side.
A La Carta
Chili Relleño
Avocado Tostada
Enchilada Suiza
Rice and/or Beans
Cole Slaw
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Chips w/salsa
Sour Cream
House Specialties
Served with refried beams (optional - whole black or pinto), rice, cole slaw, pico de gallo and corn tortillas.
Empapelada (foil wrap)
Delicious Talapia & Shrimp, grilled and steamed, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, cilantro, tomatoes, spicy sauce.
Puerto Escondido
Boneless chicken cuts, jumbo prawns & real crab, mushrooms sautéed in wine & butter, topped with jack cheese.
Camarones Fiesta
Jumbo large prawns filled with jack cheese & wrapped in bacon and a special sauce.
Camarones a la Diabla
Jumbo large prawns and mushrooms sautéed in butter and spicy red sauce.
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
Jumbo large prawns sautéed in garlic, onions and mushrooms.
Camarones Rancheros
Jumbo large prawns sautéed in butter and wine with green onions, celery, bell pepper and tomato.
Fried Prawns
Breaded jumbo prawns, golden fried and served with French fries.
Seafood Enchilada
Enchiladas filled with your choice of shrimp, crab or mixed. Sautéed in wine and butter with green onions, tomato and mushrooms, topped with green sauce, jack cheese and sour cream.
Fajitas - Steak or Chicken
All fajitas sauteed with bell pepper, green onions and tomatoes.
Mojarra Frito
A while deep fried fish.
Molcajete Dinner
Sauteed chicken, beefsteak, shrimp, nopales, mushrooms, rice and beans on the side, served with cole slaw.
Carlos' Special
Boneless chunks of chicken breast sautéed in a delicious sauce with green onions and mushrooms, served over a bed of rice and topped with melted jack cheese.
Steak Picado
Juicy tender chunks of top sirloin steak, pan fried with sautéed tomatoes, bell pepper and onions.
Carne Asada
Grilled steak, topped with onions ...just plain delicions.
Chile Verde
Delicious chunks of lean port cooked in green tamatillo sauce.
Chile Calorado
The best beef cooked with onions and tomatoes in red mild sauce.
Chunks of lean, deep fried pork.
Taco Al Pastor
Marinated pork.
Fish Taco
Two soft corn tortillas layered with battered and fried white fish, topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and a special sauce. Served with rice and beans.
Tacos Tijuana
Grilled and chopped steak, served in two soft corn tortillas topped with tomatoes, guacomole, onions and cilantro, serve with rice and beans.
Tacos de Carnitas
Two soft corn tortillas filled with chunks of lean, deep fried pork, topped with tomatoes and onions, served with rice and beans.
Served withrice, refried beams (optional - whole black or pinto), rice, cole slaw and corn tortillas.
El Jefe!
All on one plate - burrito, taco, enchilada, chile relleño and out delicious grilled steak.
#1 Two Enchiladas
#2 One Tamale and Enchilada
#3 One Enchilada and Tostada
#4 Two Tacos
#5 Enchilada and Taco
#6 Chalupa and Chile Relleño
#7 Two Flautas
#8 Chile Relleño and Enchilada
#9 Tostada and Chile Relleño
Tonayan Plate
Burrito, enchilada, taco and chile relleño.
#10 Two Enchiladas de Mole
#11 Burrito and Chile Relleño
#12 Two Enchiladas Suizas
#13 Tamale and Chile Relleño
#14 Chimichanga and Taco
#15 Tamale, Chile Relleño and Burrito
#16 Enchilada, Chile Relleño and Burrito
#17 Chile Relleño, Flauta and Taco
Single Item Combination
All on one plate - burrito, taco, enchilada, chile relleño and out delicious grilled steak.
Ice Cream
Soft Drinks (Sodas & Orchata)
Milk, Skim, 2%, or Whole
Real Milkshakes
Iced Team, Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Specialty Coffees
Non-Dairy drinks available on request. Any of our Specialty Coffees can be iced.
Extra shot of expresso ...add 49¢ - Extra Italian flavor ... add 49¢.
Mocha Special
Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream.
Demitasse of rich, creamy coffee.
Espresso, a dash of steamed milk and milk foam.
Café Latte
Espresso, steamed mik and milk foam.
White Chocolate Mocha
Café Monte
Espresso, almond syrup, steamed milk and chocolate, topped with whipped cream almonds and honey.
Black Forest Mocha
Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate and cherry syrup, topped with whipped cream and ground chocolate.
Vanilla Latte
Caramel Mocha

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